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Accra, Ghana

dot.atelier | Ogbodjo

DeRoché Strohmayer

dot.atelier | ogbojohas emerged as a sanctuary tailored exclusively to writers, curators, and filmmakers, offering an invitation-only residency designed to foster creativity and renewal. Designed by DeRoché Strohmayer, this adaptive reuse project is characterized by courtyards and voids at all scales, creating spaces of calm and varying privacy levels, in an otherwiseheterogeneous and dynamic urban context. It features residential and collaborative areas interwoven with nature, enabling a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor activities establishing a serene retreat for the creative mind. Through these thoughtful considerations, dot.atelier | ogbojo stands as a beacon for artistic rejuvenation, embodying a haven where creativity can flourish unrestricted. Situated at the heart of an artistic collaboration, its inaugural program,, in partnership with the acclaimed Ayana V. Jackson, and the STILL Art Residency Program based in Johannesburg, South Africa, will soon be launched. This unique venture brings together two visionary artists, Ayana V. Jackson, and Amoako Boafo, in order to address the critical needs of artists, providing insights and support tailored to their unique challenges. The idea of is best expressed by Ayana V. Jackson’s reflection on the artist’s journey: “In the aftermath of major projects, artists often find themselves depleted, sometimes losing their sense of self.’’ This statement underscores the residency’s mission to offer a reprieve from the tourism through a cooperative approach.

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