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Accra Ghana

Portrait of Amaoko Boafo

Amaoko Boafo


Amoako Boafo, born in 1984 in Accra, Ghana, is a contemporary artist renowned for his vibrant and emotive portraiture. Boafo's works are celebrated for their rich, textured surfaces and his distinctive finger-painting technique, which brings a tactile, intimate quality to his subjects. Drawing inspiration from his Ghanaian heritage and his experiences as an African artist in the diaspora, Boafo's portraits often explore themes of identity, Blackness, and self-expression. His art not only celebrates the beauty and diversity of Black bodies but also challenges the conventional narratives surrounding them. Boafo's rise to prominence in the art world has been meteoric, with his work being featured in prestigious exhibitions and collections worldwide. His collaboration with Dior Men in 2020 further highlighted his impact on both the art and fashion industries. By capturing the essence of his subjects with striking detail and vibrant color palettes, Boafo continues to redefine contemporary portraiture and inspire a new generation of artists.

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