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Vision Of Beirut

Vision of Beirut


“Perhaps no city is more contradictory than Beirut. 2024, post-explosion, post-revolution, post-financial crisis, Beirut is struggling to reinvent itself. In this interstitial moment, it is time to make a visceral diagnosis of the current situation before the cards are shuffled once again. To do so, I invite Julien Lanoo to Beirut to undertake the x-ray of a city in ruins, multi-layered, contradictory and still alive. Julien’s walk through the city is a contrasting surgery of its multiple faces where the fragments overlap; architecture, archaeology, fauna, flora and a an uncanny human presence appear under a new light. At the image, Beirut is revealed grain by grain without make-up or veils, through black and white film photographs in which the know-how of the past composes a possible future. Despite the painful past, a space opens up, and with it a new cycle, we wanted to call it, despite everything, vision.” 

written by: Karim Nader

Colaborative Artists


Representative of the Lebanese architectural avant-garde, with offices in Paris, Beirut and Dubai, Karim Nader has been working, thinking and teaching architecture since the year 1999. “Silent but never still,” his extensive list of built projects, such as Amchit Residence, the BDL-CMA building or the House On the Rocks have received local and international acclaim and have been published extensively. He has taught for twenty years at the American University of Beirut, and more recently at the Politecnico di Milano. His retrospective book, “For a Novel Architecture, ciné-roman 2000-2020” received the “Le Geste d’Or” award in Paris in 2021.


Julien Lanoo is a Belgian photographer. He looks at the architectural world with a deep understanding of its historical and social layers as well as the visible and intangible connections between nature, light and materiality. His work has been exhibited widely, including the Venice Architecture Biennale, the Chicago Architecture Biennial, the Cité de l’architecture in Paris, and the Deutsches Architekturmuseum, among others. He co-authored, together with Julien de Smedt, the book “Built Unbuilt” revisiting 16 years of JDSA’s work, and most recently his photographs appeared in “The Vitra Campus: Architecture Design Industry”.


Artwork Details

Analogue Silver print
Black and white
Hand-developed in Artist Studio

Various sizes ( 100cmx150cm, 70cm x 100cm, 30x40 cm)
Mounted and framed

Signed and numbered. With certificate.
( Large sizes 1 of 3,)

Please contact us for availability, pricing, and gallerist contacts.


~ We Design Beirut - PS Lab
23 may 2024 - 26 may 2024

Beirut, Lebanon

Vision of Beirut
An exhibition project by
Karim Nader with Julien Lanoo
Featuring Collective Y by Rhea Younes

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