Sisimiut Shack 1
  • Sisimiut Shack 1

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    Hand-made RA-4 print.
    Singed and numbered, 1 of 7

    Sisimiut, the first city within the polar circle.

    • Hand-made RA4 print.
      Approx image size 30x40
      Finished in Studio darkroom by the photographer.
      Mounted on acid-free board.

      Singed and numbered, 1 of 7

      Framed size: 40cm x 50cm,
      Frame: Black anodized aluminum.
      Matt: 2mm acid free white.
      Fixed 3h,
      Washed 3h,
      Cold flattened,

    • Prints are hand-made in our darkroom and hand-finished in our studio. 

      Either on Silver Baryta paper for Black and White, or RA4 Paper for colour from negative via enlarger and baths to frame and hand-retouched by pencil and brush.

      Small differences can occur between prints, making every print unique.