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1 ~ Bakery Window, Sisimiut, 2024




Sisimiut, established in 1764, stands as one of Greenland's most venerable settlements, steeped in rich Inuit heritage and historical significance. Situated above the Arctic Circle, this town exemplifies a profound symbiosis with nature, manifest in its traditional reliance on fishing and hunting.

Potassium Dichromate printing is a distinguished photographic process renowned for producing vibrant and enduring images. Utilizing a photosensitive solution of potassium dichromate, which solidifies upon exposure to light, this technique enables the creation of prints imbued with intricate detail and profound depth.

This meticulous process demands a temporal investment, bestowing a deliberate pace upon its execution. The preparation of the canvas involves days of careful washing and gelatin bathing, each step followed by a meticulous drying phase. The mixing of pigments requires attentiveness and precision, as does the exposure of the coated paper. Each color is developed through a sequence of washing and exposure, with the entire process, encompassing numerous thoughtful repetitions, culminating over the span of up to ten days for a single print.

Artwork Details

Arabic gum Potassium Dichromate prints
Natural pigments, honey, gum arabic.
Gelatin prepared Arches 88
Hand-developed in Artist Studio

Size: 40x50 cm
Mounted and framed

Signed and numbered. With certificate.
Each print is 1 of 1 

Please contact us for availability, pricing, and gallerist contacts.

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